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Are they made from natural ingredients?

Our straws are made from 100% natural ingredients – durum wheat semolina and water, and so pose absolutely no risk to animals nor the

Are the straws biodegradable?

Absolutely. Our straws breakdown in as little as 24 hours whilst paper straws can take anything up to 60 days, and plastic straws taking up to 200 years.

Where do you source your straws from?

We have a great supplier in Italy, the best place to get pasta.

Do the straws leave a taste?

NO. You can’t taste them at all and they have absolutely no affect on the flavour or taste of a drink.

Are the straws safe to eat?

They are completely safe to eat as they are made from only durum wheat semolina and water.

Are the straws OK for vegans?

Yes they are as they contain NO animal ingredients.

Are the straws gluten free?

Our Pasta Straws are not currently gluten free as they contain wheat. But good news, we are working with our supplier to create a gluten-free alternative – Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

How long do the pasta straws last?

Our tests with family, friends and customers has shown that our pasta straws last for up to 1 hour in cold beverages unlike paper straws that go soggy and last for less than 15 minutes.

Can you use the pasta straws in hot drinks?

NO as they would go soft quickly and would not perform to your satisfaction.

What sizes do the straws come in?

Our pasta straws come in two widths. Both are 24 cm long but one is 10 mm thick and the other is 5 mm thick. They can be used for any cold drinks including smoothies, shakes, cocktails, fizzy drinks, water, juices, iced cappuccinos and iced teas.

Soft Drinks

Iced Cappuccino



The Pasta Straw company offers an environmental alternative to harmful plastic straws. Visit our shop to discover more or to make a purchase – Pasta Straw Shop.

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