Our mission

The idea for pasta straws was born following our annual surfing holidays to Croyde Bay in Devon.  Having watched Sir David Attenborough and the Blue Planet Series and being passionate about the sea and the environment, we wanted to do our bit and leave things better for our children and our children’s children than they currently are.

Our straws play a small but very important part in changing behaviors, reducing the consumption of single use plastic straws and moving our oceans and seas towards a better place.

Doing your bit

Around 8.5 billion single use straws are used and thrown away in the UK every year, most of which contribute to the 150 million tonnes of plastic waste thrown into our oceans and end up littering our planet. You can make a difference. If you want to work towards reducing the use of plastic straws and tidying up the planet – make the change.

Photo by Vince Fleming on unsplash.com


The Pasta Straw company offers an environmental alternative to harmful plastic straws. Visit our shop to discover more or to make a purchase – Pasta Straw Shop.