Our Story

It all started with “2 lemonades, a gin and tonic and a pint of cloudy, cold cider please.”

After spending the majority of our holiday surfing in beautiful Croyde Bay in Devon, the family were all sat down enjoying the final day of the holiday.

As we’re reminding ourselves of all the fun we’d had and how the sea was such a big part of it, the subject of the environment came into the conversation – “how can we do our bit to preserve what we have?”

The answer was right in front of us – plastic straws are one of the worst polluters in our oceans.
“There must be a better alternative…”

Our Mission

The iconic environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough once said, ‘It is one world and it’s in our care’. It is now part of our mission to fix the damage that has been done. Our environmentally friendly products play a small but very important part in changing behaviours, reducing the consumption of single use plastics and moving our oceans and seas towards a better place.

Our Products

Around 8.5 billion single-use straws are used and thrown away in the UK every year, most of which contribute to the 150 million tonnes of plastic waste thrown into our oceans and end up littering our planet. You can make a difference. If you want to work towards reducing the use of plastic straws and tidying up the planet, make the change.

We originally set out to look at replacing the plastic straw with an environmentally friendly alternative and came up with the idea of our “Original” Pasta Straw. But we wanted to do more and so have worked hard to bring you drinking straws made from Rice and Grass too.

In addition, we continue to look for great alternatives to other plastic products that blight our beautiful world.

Stay tuned and watch this space

Our Mascot

When we originally started The Pasta Straw Company back in 2018, we wanted to have a turtle mascot. Turtles play an important role in the ocean’s ecosystem and we wanted to have a healthy image to represent the marine life.

Now we have changed our name to Right Side of “GREEN” and are searching for environmentally friendly alternatives to other plastic products the turtle will play an even more significant role in demonstrating the need to change.

Meet Gaea the Turtle…

Gaea the Turtle

The name ‘Gaea‘ originates from the Ancient Greek Goddess of Earth. Gaea is the personification of the Earth and for all intents and purposes, the Mother of Everything Beautiful in the world.

The stunningly designed mascot was created by Lily Cassap from Wycombe High School, after winning 1st prize in the mascot competition.

Photo by Vince Fleming on unsplash.com

Right Side of ‘GREEN’

We provide a selection of  the very best environmental alternatives to harmful plastic straws. Visit our shop to discover more or to make a purchase – Shop.

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